There are many ways you can secure your home before the next hurricane hits your area. Call (561)-332-4665 to learn how Max Guard can help secure your doors and windows today.

Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, and South Floridians can expect 2019 to have similar weather patterns. In 2018, the Atlantic hurricane season saw 15 hurricanes in the Florida region- above the typical yearly average of 12 hurricanes. South Florida should expect to see frequent storms with high wind speeds and heavy rain in 2019. The best way to secure your home before a hurricane is to plan in advance- now is the time to prepare!

5 Steps To Prepare For Hurricane Season

1.) Learn About Your Area

While South Florida can be a beautiful oasis, it can change in an instant during hurricane season. Where you live influences how much protection your home may need against hurricane weather. Between flooding and high wind speeds, Florida homes have been more at risk with hurricanes than ever. Make sure to know your evacuation zone in the event that a hurricane forces you to leave your home.

2.) Know The Signs

It’s important to be up to date on the weather to prepare for future storms. Common indicators of an approaching hurricane are dark clouds, high-speed winds, and rising sea levels. The best way to stay informed is to track your local weather to never get caught off-guard. If you’re planning to go away on vacation, make sure to look up the weather of your town the week you will be away. If there’s an approaching storm you want to prepare your home before leaving.

3.) Create a Safety Kit

Creating a safety kit in advance is a great way to reduce stress when a storm hits your area. Some suggestions for a hurricane kit include non-perishable food, water, a flashlight with working batteries, battery operated radio, lighter, and a first-aid kit. It’s also a smart idea to create hurricane kits: one for when you’re stuck inside and the other for when you have to evacuate your home.

4.) Make a Plan

Create a detailed plan for what you should do and where you should go in the event of a hurricane. Make sure everyone in the household knows the location of the safety kit. Also, it’s important to have a written plan on where to go if there is an evacuation as well as a checklist for what to secure your home for a storm.

5.) Prepare Your Home

To secure your home against hurricanes, it’s important to secure your doors and windows with impact resistant materials. Impact hurricane windows are energy efficient, durable, environmentally friendly, and are effective in blocking debris from entering your home. Living in South Florida, it’s also necessary to have a heavy duty impact door that will protect your home year-round.

Plan For The Future With Max Guard

While there are steps you can take to prepare for hurricane weather, the best way to defend your home against the elements is to secure the outside. By using impact hurricane windows and doors, you can prepare your home to withstand hurricane weather. Call Max Guard (561)- 332-4051 to talk to a representative about securing your home today and for a free estimate.