Staying on top of things, especially during hurricane season is essential. Those who don’t prepare adequately suffer the consequences of a storm. There are many options as to how you can protect your home from hurricane force weather, but some are better than others. It’s evident that a severe storm is not something to take lightly and the best protection for your family is a must. Your trusted team at Max Guard Hurricane Windows has provided you with the answer to this frequently asked question: Are hurricane windows better than shutters?

Custom Appeal

Hurricane windows, unlike shutters, are customizable to your home. With unique designs, the windows will be incorporated to fit with the design of your home effortlessly. While, hurricane shutters are bulky and often take away from your home’s visual appeal.

Energy Efficient

Impact resistant windows are energy efficient; offering better installation and lowering your energy consumption. Additionally, hurricane windows help block UV rays, and most have been designed to block 99% of UV light. This will keep your home cooler, allowing your AC system to work less and reducing your electricity bill considerably.

Theft Prevention

If storm force winds can’t break an impact resistant window, a burglar sure won’t. Although no window is 100% theft proof, these windows slow down the process. Unlike a standard window, impact resistant windows fragment, but will not break. Hurricane windows provide this 24/7 added protection as opposed to hurricane shutters that need to be installed and put into place per request.


Although hurricane windows are more expensive than hurricane shutters, there are plenty of benefits that outweigh the cost. Some insurance companies offer premium discounts if you install impact-resistant windows. Your home will also be of greater value if the windows are hurricane resistant.

Max Guard Hurricane Windows- Let Us Take Care of You This Hurricane Season

Our crew of trusted professionals is your go-to hurricane window installation team. Hurricane preparedness is no joke, and we don’t treat it as one. Hurricane windows do have the upper hand over shutters, and that is why we specialize in only the best hurricane window service. Call us at (561) 276-7600 or contact us here for a free quote today!