Should I Choose Impact Windows or Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane season starts next month, making now the time to consider investing in proper protection for your home. Two of the most popular window protection options are impact windows and shutters.

They both provide the same benefit of protection, but impact windows protect your home year round. Let’s break down the real difference between these two window protectors.

  • Impact Windows

Impact windows are the entire package! Not only do they look like any regular window, but they protect you and your family from hurricanes and severe storms, along with these other benefits:

  • Add Value to Your Home

– Due to the long-lasting and durable quality of impact windows, the overall value of your home can increase substantially.

  • Protect your valuables

– One of the easiest ways for thieves to enter your home is by smashing a window. Impact windows are shatterproof making it impossible for an intruder to enter your home through a window.

  • Energy Efficient

– Impact windows protect against UV rays, which reduces the amount of heat entering your home. Your electricity bill may even decrease during the hot summer months.

  • Prevent Flood Damage

– These windows consist of laminated glass that is bonded together to improve thickness and resistance from water. Meaning water doesn’t stand a chance of entering your home through your windows.

Hurricane Shutters

Shutters are made of aluminum to protect against any large debris that may come towards your home during a storm. Shutters are relatively less expensive than impact windows but do not provide the variety of benefits that impact windows have. Here are a few facts to know about shutters:

  • Better Option than Plywood

– Materials like plywood take a long time to measure, cut, put up, and can easily break during a storm. Shutters are durable and cost less in the long run than having to buy new plywood before every hurricane.

  • Easy to Operate

– Hurricane shutters are easy to work and put up once you have bought them. Though they do require time to put up, they are shaped specifically for each of your windows. Accordion shutters are a great option to secure your windows before a storm quickly.

  • Do Not Offer Year-Round Protection

– Hurricane shutters are only meant to stay on your windows in preparation for a storm. You must put them up and take them down before and after every storm.

Protect Your Home with Max Guard Hurricane Windows

The professionals at Max Guard Hurricane Windows have over 30 years of experience. We offer both hurricane impact windows and shutters from the best brands around. Our goal is to help protect your home and family from the dangerous effects of hurricanes.
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