Thanking First Responders for Their Service

At Max Guard Hurricane Windows, we know that when a hurricane strikes, our community relies on first responders more than ever to restore our natural surroundings and keep us safe. Although we rely on them immensely after a storm hits, first responders – like firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and nurses – dedicate their lives to serving and protecting our community year-round.


While the job of a first responder is often thankless, we’d like to do our part in giving thanks to these local heroes that have earned our praise.

Honoring Their Service to Our Community


At Max Guard Hurricane Windows, our passion for supporting first responders goes beyond words. We offer first responders special offers on our hurricane windows so police, firefighters, paramedics and nurses can rest easy while they are working before, during and after a storm hits.


Unlike nearly every other profession, first responders are required to work in extremely dangerous conditions. Most are forced to leave their family and pets behind to weather through the storm on their own. We’re here to give them the confidence in the safety of their families that they deserve while they are serving our community.


Our windows can withstand heavy hurricane-force winds, rain, and debris. We produce nothing but the highest quality protection for our customers. Made and manufactured in the USA, our windows are designed to keep your home safe from severe weather and unwanted intruders alike.

Connect with Max Gaurd for Your Special Offer


Serving Palm Beach County, St. Lucy County, Martin County, and Broward County, Max Guard Hurricane Windows is located in the heart of South Florida. That being said, we know the devastation that hurricanes can cause for our local communities.


We take pride in our ability to protect South Florida families from the severe weather that accompanies living our tropical environment. If you’re a first responder, contact us today at (561) 271-7100 to find out about our special incentives in honor of your service to our community!