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May 02, 2018

After installing your new hurricane impact window

Ever noticed after installing your new hurricane impact window, that it tends to sweat at times? Your first thought was probably, did the contractor do a poor job installing the window? Before you dial the number to your contractor, make sure you look the exterior part of the window and check to see if you see droplets of water outside. If not, then it’s likely your window isn’t improperly installed but in fact is “sweating” due to condensation caused by the humidity or moisture imbalance in your own home, which is caused by improper ventilation.

Having Improper Ventilation May Cause Condensation

The primary reason you might have extra humidity is improper ventilation. Part of that might have been caused by daily living activities like using your washing machine and dryer, taking baths, showering, cooking, gas heaters that are not un-vented, and humidifiers.

When you’re installing hurricane impact windows, you’re not just sealing your home to prevent 74 mph or over winds and rain from smashing into your window and in your home, but your also sealing your home inside out. So if wind can’t come in, it can’t get out. That causes a lack of air transfer from in/out and out/in to give your home proper insulation, which contributes to the condensation issue. When the temperature inside is warmer than the temperature outside, then you will see water droplets on the glass of your windows.


The Harm That Improper Ventilation Does to Your Windows

Mold and mildew is definitely a primary concern when it comes to excess condensation in your home. If the excess moisture problem is not fixed shortly, then you might find some deterioration in your personal belongings such as your clothing, as well as health concerns due to improper ventilation.


Solutions to improper ventilation

If you notice that your home does not have proper ventilation, you should try increasing circulation within your home when you can. So feel free to open up those windows during a crisp summer afternoon! Make sure your dryer, stove, and dishwasher have duct systems to the outside of your house, this will prevent heat and moisture from hanging around in your home. Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, shut off all humidifiers, and you can use a dehumidifier to dry out the air. Be sure that the ventilation louvers in your basement and attic are open and amply sized. Open fireplace dampers to allow an escape route for moisture-saturated air.

Call Max Guard for a window replacement!

One thing you have to be aware of is that hurricane impact windows are tough and they have to be or else how would it survive a Category 5 hurricane? But it has its side effects, such as preventing air flow from coming in and out unless the windows are open for a few minutes a day to allow ventilation. If you’re interested in more information or are thinking of replacing your window with another that may provide easier ventilation, then call us at 561-475-5701 or visit our website to request a quote.

Homeowners Are Thrilled With Our Award-Winning Solutions
They did a great job consulting and working with us on the design of our new hurricane door; and their installation team was quick, clean and courteous.
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They did an excellent job and went the extra mile to ensure that the results were perfect.
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Greg the salesman was honest and provided us with a ton of insight. The team was hard working and friendly and did an awesome job.
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Very impressed! Windows are so beautiful, couldn't be more satisfied. They do a great job communicating with their customers, highly recommend!
Dianne D
Flexible Financing Solutions

At Max Guard, we make getting hurricane impact windows and doors on the market as affordable as possible. We offer flexible financing options and are proud to be an approved PACE lender, enabling us to provide low-cost, long-term funding for our energy-efficient products.

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