Hurricane windows are a great investment to protect your home and family from damage during a storm. Hurricane windows, also referred to as impact windows, withstand strong winds that carry dust and debris. Over time, your windows will accumulate dirt that can be damaging if not taken care of. Not only will cleaning your windows make your home appear nicer, but it will help keep the fixtures strong enough to endure a longer lifespan.

If maintained properly, cleaning your hurricane windows is simple. The professionals of Max Guard Hurricane Windows are here to provide you with a step by step guide on cleaning your windows.

Step One: Gather the Proper Materials

Some people think that water and paper towels are a quick and easy way to clean windows. Contrary to popular belief, paper towels are not ideal for cleaning your windows! Paper towels do not do a thorough enough job of removing all of the moisture from the windows, leaving them more susceptible to bigger problems later on. Listed below are a few items you may want to consider to clean your hurricane windows:

  • Microfiber towel or cloth
  • Non-abrasive cleaner
  • Hose
  • Squeegee

Step Two: Rinse Your Windows

Begin the cleaning process by spraying your window to remove any loose dirt. Be sure not to use a high-pressure hose – too much pressure can actually damage your window! It is also best to avoid direct sunlight when hosing your window in order to avoid water drying quickly and creating water spots. Try to wash your windows in the evening or at a time when the sun is facing the opposite side of the house and clean your windows at separate intervals.

Step Three: Use a Squeegee

Immediately after spraying down your windows, take your squeegee to wipe off any excess water on your windows. Start at the very top of your window and work your way down to allow the water to fall. As water builds up on the squeegee between each stroke, you can remove the excess moisture with a cloth or t-shirt as necessary.

Step Four: Apply Cleaner to Glass

Once you’ve removed the dirt from your window, apply non-abrasive glass cleaner with a cloth or old t-shirt. Using chemicals that are too rough may scratch your windows or cause tough streaks, so make sure you are using a gentle cleaner. In this step, you are removing streaks and any excess dirt while polishing your window.

Let Max Guard Install Your Windows

Don’t have hurricane windows installed yet? No reason to wait any longer! Be prepared for next hurricane season by getting new hurricane windows with MaxGuard! After we’ve installed your new windows, make sure to follow these tips to keep them looking clean and strong enough to last for many hurricane seasons to come. Call us at 561-276-7100 or contact us here with any questions regarding your hurricane windows.