Max Guard Hybrid Impact Windows

Windows and doors play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. When faced with high-speed winds, a broken window can easily trigger the destruction of a structure, both inside and out. When confronted with a powerful storm, you want to be prepared.
Our hurricane windows are designed with Florida’s unpredictable and extreme weather conditions in mind. In addition to the standard vinyl and aluminum impact windows, Max Guard Hurricane Windows & Doors offers hybrid impact windows to ensure maximum weather protection.

The Best of Both Worlds

Max Guard’s hybrid hurricane window options combine the best of both worlds: the aesthetics and durability of aluminum coupled with the energy efficiency, and low maintenance, of vinyl windows.

Max Guard’s hybrid windows are incredibly durable, protecting you against everything from hurricanes and tropical storms to burglaries and home invasions. Additionally, hybrid windows reduce exposure to outside noise and UV rays, which can cause carpet, drapes and furniture to fade.

Hybrid windows are not only the best of both worlds, but they’re also one of the best options for the world. Hybrid windows use less energy and release fewer greenhouse gasses during production, compared to standard windows, making them a great choice for any home.  Max Guard’s hybrid windows create a tight seal, maximizing your home’s energy efficiency.

Do your windows need an update? If you’re in the market to strengthen your home’s weak points, Max Guard Hurricane Windows is here to get the job done. We place a heavy emphasis on delivering premium products as well as award-winning service: our staff will go to great lengths to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Max Guard Vinyl Hurricane Windows Offers the World’s First and Only: 

  •    Vinyl Hung Window rated DP 100 in a 52” x 74” size (*)
  •    Vinyl Window rated for Level “E” Impact (Essential Facilities) (*)
  •    Vinyl Window rated for and installed in a US Military Installation requiring DOD/GSA/UFC Bomb Blast Mitigation products (*)
  •    Vinyl Impact Window rated for DOE’s R5 Volume Purchase Program (*)
  •    Vinyl Hung Window rated for Heavy Commercial (*)

Hybrid Hurricane Windows in Palm beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Broward County

Still not sure what type of hurricane windows are right for your home? Our hurricane window experts can help you determine which material will give you the advantages you’re looking for.

For more information on our impact window installation services, give us a call at (561) 276-7100 or complete our In-Home Consultation form to receive a free quote. Don’t forget to ask about our 2 year 0% interest and free installation special offer!