Are you excited for the holiday season? With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year just around the corner, many folks are getting prepped and ready. This means good food, plenty of fun, family gatherings and more. For those looking for a home upgrade, impact-resistant windows are a great way to ring in the new year. There are many reasons to consider impact resistant windows – but one of the most common is the year-round protection your home and family will receive. If you have been saving up for a home upgrade, impact resistant windows just might be one of the best investments you can make this holiday season.

Below are a few reasons we believe impact resistant windows can add value to your home and be an excellent holiday home upgrade over time:

Protection For Your Home & Family

One of the top reasons homeowners choose to purchase impact-resistant windows is the incredible protection they provide. Whether it’s the holiday season and you have family visiting, or hurricane season is approaching, impact resistant windows can offer unbeatable protection on many fronts. Not only do impact resistant windows protect the interior of your home from flying debris during a hurricane or a powerful storm, they also protect you from intruders, help reduce noise and even reduce UV rays that come into your home.

A Worry-Free Hurricane Season

Above all, the best reason is a worry-free hurricane season. Windows tend to be a weak opening and in the face of a strong hurricane, they can easily be damaged. Once your windows open up, you can be sure that there will be more damage to your home, along with debris and pressure on your roof and walls. Impact resistant windows help ensure that your home is safe, secure and that whether it’s the holiday season (or year-round), your family is safe and secure too.

Be Ready For the Next Storm With Max Guard

Here in Florida, the next storm is not a matter of if but when. Max Guard Hurricane offers a complete line of hurricane impact windows and impact resistant doors to protect your home year-round. Our professionals are here to help you when you’re looking to install powerful hurricane protection. To learn more and receive a free quote, contact us today and call at (561) 926-9727.