Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

From their strength, permanency, to aesthetic appeal and functionality, impact-resistant windows offer many advantages over hurricane shutters. If you’re currently on the market for a window replacement, it is important to consider the benefits that professional impact window installation can provide your home for years to come.

Benefits of Impact Windows

Thinking of ways to protect your home from a storm or hurricane? Max Guard’s custom impact window solutions can provide your family a level of security you won’t find anywhere else. Our impact-resistant windows and high impact windows provide year-round protection against hurricane force winds, heavy rain, debris, and storm damage.

Impact windows do more than just defend your home from the elements—our products are designed to provide year-round security from home invasions, reduce outside noise, and offer UV ray protection. With impact windows, homeowners are eligible for tax credits and insurance benefits. Improving your home’s security adds to its property value, helping your home stand out in the housing market.

Energy-Efficient Impact Glass

We offer a complete line of custom products to meet your family’s needs, including energy-efficient impact window products that are Energy Star-rated to help you cut back on energy costs. Impact window installation does not require you to have hurricane shutters in place, making them durable and cost-effective.

Our extensive line of impact windows and frames are available in a wide selection of colors and finishes to choose from.  A member of our team will work with you to design the perfect glass impact window that fits your home’s dimensions and budget, so you can have peace of mind knowing your product is custom to your liking.

Made in America

As part of our commitment to proving high-quality products, our impact windows are All-American and manufactured in the United States. Our impact-resistant windows are extensively tested to withstand flying debris and will not break under any object used to forcefully enter your home. Our windows are highly durable and crafted from the finest materials in the industry to withstand category 5 hurricane damage. Learn more about our window replacement solutions here.

 Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a fine option for South Florida homeowners, but they do not offer nearly as many benefits that impact windows do. Even when they are professionally installed, high winds can enter the structure and shutter or plywood and rip it off, leaving your home vulnerable to damage with a hefty repair bill to show for it.

Chopping up plywood or investing in other methods of do-it-yourself hurricane protection will cost you more time and money in the long run. Unlike hurricane shutters, impact windows guarantee year-round security because they do not need to be opened, closed, or removed during Florida’s off-season.

Due to their structure, hurricane shutters do not allow light to enter your home when they are in use and can’t always protect your windows from breaking in the event of a catastrophic storm.

South Florida Impact Window Installation

Max Guard Hurricane Window Replacement 

When you choose impact-resistant windows, you’re investing in a lifetime of protection for you and your family. Let Max Guard Hurricane Windows & Doors be your solution for year-round hurricane preparedness. Contact us today to find out if our custom impact windows and hurricane shutters are right for you.

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