With the 2018 hurricane season approaching Florida, the need to be prepared and protected is rising. Many people rely on plywood as a means to protect their homes and windows from these intense storms. Others have switched and installed hurricane impact windows instead. But which is the right option for you? We’ve compiled this list detailing the protection the hurricane window and plywood apply to your home in the event of a hurricane this season!

Why Not Plywood?

As many have when the time comes to secure their home, you might consider relying on plywood as means to protect your property and family. However, plywood offers little in protection from strong continual winds and flying debris. It requires installation and cutting, then drilling into place which leaves behind holes in the exterior walls and frames of your home. Then there is the removal and storage, which runs the risk that it may warp or rot in the humid Florida weather, leading to its deterioration and causing you to buy more next year. Plywood is not tested or rated to withstand impacts and wind pressures and, in truth, offer only protection as means of being better than nothing.

The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows are designed explicitly to withstand blunt force impacts and wind pressures from excessive hurricane force winds. To be certified as Hurricane resistant, the windows must pass stringent tests and requirements in accordance with building codes. Large and small objects are fired at the windows at predetermined spots. The windows cannot show any signs of penetration in order to pass quality assurances. Following that is a test of superior quality after installation. Once installed, the windows must pass an inspection that they were installed correctly and in accordance to code by a certified building inspector. Aesthetically, they are also much more pleasing and provide light during and after the storm. When comparing the quality and protection hurricane impact windows offer to plywood, there is no contest.

Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

With such rigorous requirements, installation, and inspections hurricane impact windows offer an incredible amount of protection for your home. While plywood is an option that works when there is no other option, the benefits of hurricane impact windows present a strong case for protecting your home. Homeowners with hurricane windows are also eligible for a possible discount on homeowner insurance! In the long-term, hurricane windows can also help save you money on your energy bill.

Call Maxguard for Hurricane Impact Window Installation

Installing hurricane windows prior to the next hurricane leaves you with one less thing to worry about in the coming 2018 hurricane season. It frees up more time to focus on the essential tasks and protecting your family, home, and valuables when it matters the most. Call us today at (561) 276-7100 to request a quote.