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Preparing for Hurricane Season 2019

June 1st marks the official start of this year’s six month Atlantic Hurricane Season. Too often, Floridians find themselves unready for the drastic forces of a tropical storm or hurricane. This year, don’t wait until a storm forms to begin your hurricane preparation. We’ve got you and your family covered with a comprehensive list of what you’ll need to get through this season’s unwavering weather.

Our complete guide to preparing you this Hurricane Season includes:

  • Assembling a fully-stocked emergency supplies kit.
  • Essential questions to ask before a storm hits.
  • Vital family & home preparations.
  • A guide to prepare before a hurricane forms.
  • A guide to withstanding after-storm conditions.

From pelting rain to flying debris, there are a number of dangers that a serious storm can present. Remember to stay safe, prepare early and stock up on the essentials with the help of our FREE downloadable guide!