There are many benefits of using impact windows to protect your home against hurricanes. Call (561)332-4665 to learn about impact window installation in South Florida by Max Guard.

Hurricane season can threaten the safety and security of South Florida homes. Choosing impact windows or shutters for your home can be a difficult decision. Here are the key differences between hurricane impact windows and shutters, so you can decide what would be a better fit for your home.

Hurricane Impact Windows Vs. Hurricane Shutters


Impact windows allow for natural sunlight to enter the home, making them useful for days there isn’t a storm. Impact windows can also block out harmful UV rays from entering the home. With natural sunlight entering the home, impact windows allow for more energy efficiency. In contrast, hurricane shutters block sunlight from entering the home. Many times during a storm the power cuts off. Impact windows allow homeowners to look outside, while shutters block out what’s happening.


A great part about impact windows is that they don’t stand out against the home. Impact windows from Max Guard come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes allowing for a customized look to blend into the home. Hurricane shutters are bulky and are visible on the home. Hurricane impact windows act as a sturdy barrier for the house, while shutters act more as a window block. If a house does not have quality windows, hurricane shutters cannot protect the home from debris entering the house.


Impact windows were first installed in the windshields of cars, making them durable with two panes of tempered glass. Impact windows offer year-round protection and peace-of-mind once installed. Hurricanes can strike at any time, and impact windows offer protection even when homeowners aren’t home. In contrast, many hurricane shutters need homeowners to be at home during the time of the storm to secure them against the home.


Hurricane shutters are typically cheaper than impact windows. However, the protection quality of shutters is not better than impact windows. When you pay for impact windows, you pay for the greatest protection against high wind speeds, flying debris, and heavy rainfall.

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Impact windows are superior in convenience, quality, and protection against hurricanes. While hurricane shutters are a cheaper option, impact windows offer 24/7 security and peace-of-mind. Contact Max Guard (561)-332-4665 to learn more about protecting your home with impact windows and to receive a free estimate.