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Your Source for Impact Windows and Doors in Coral Springs, FL

For new windows and doors that will protect your home in Coral Springs, Florida, there’s no better company to turn to than Max Guard Hurricane Windows. We’ve been the door and window contractor of choice since 1982, and we are the professionals you can trust for top-notch products, professional installation services, and personalized service from start to finish.

Why Choose Impact Windows and Doors?

Our impact windows and doors are essential for homes throughout Coral Springs, Florida. These products are intentionally designed to resist caving in when met with sudden impact from wind-swept debris and to prevent blow-offs in high-wind conditions. With the constant threat of hurricanes and tropical storm conditions for the better part of the year, impact windows and doors aren’t just a smart investment—they’re also required for high-velocity impact zones (HVHZ). When planning on getting replacement windows or doors for your home, impact-rated products are required to meet current building code standards. Plus, it will ensure your home is protected from all types of inclement weather.

Professional Door and Window Installation

You can also rely on Max Guard Hurricane Windows for professional installation of your windows and doors. Our trained and experienced technicians will work diligently to ensure they are properly installed for lasting beauty and performance.

If you’d like more information on the windows and doors we offer and install for homeowners throughout Coral Springs, FL, contact Max Guard Hurricane Windows today.

Homeowners Are Thrilled With Our Award-Winning Solutions
They did a great job consulting and working with us on the design of our new hurricane door; and their installation team was quick, clean and courteous.
Sabrina Meyers
They did an excellent job and went the extra mile to ensure that the results were perfect.
Thomas Willis
Greg the salesman was honest and provided us with a ton of insight. The team was hard working and friendly and did an awesome job.
Michael Adams
Very impressed! Windows are so beautiful, couldn't be more satisfied. They do a great job communicating with their customers, highly recommend!
Dianne D
Flexible Financing Solutions

At Max Guard, we make getting hurricane impact windows and doors on the market as affordable as possible. We offer flexible financing options and are proud to be an approved PACE lender, enabling us to provide low-cost, long-term funding for our energy-efficient products.

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