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Impact Windows for Delray Beach, FL, Homeowners

Architectural windows on home with pale yellow siding

If you’re a homeowner in Delray Beach, Florida, then you’re likely familiar with the yearly concern of hurricane season. Because of this, it’s important to keep your home prepared and your family safe from severe storms. When looking for the best and highest rated impact windows and doors to keep your home protected against the toughest CAT 5 Florida hurricanes, trust the experts at Max Guard Hurricane Windows. All of our impact windows are CAT 5-rated and our best rated Dominator EXTREME series impact windows are state tested to withstand 206mph winds. These are the same “super windows” that are code required in Florida’s essential facilities such as military buildings, hospitals, police, and fire stations. Unfortunately, many impact windows are only rated for less than 165mph, which wouldn’t protect your home from hurricanes like Dorian.

When you choose Max Guard Hurricane Windows, we handle everything from getting a quick quote, permit and HOA approval, to product ordering and project management as well as award-winning installation and service. We make installing impact windows simple, easy, affordable and with minimal inconvenience.

Impact Windows

We offer all major brands of impact windows, each equipped with unique features to provide the right solution for you, your home, and family.

Aluminum Impact Windows

These impact windows are made with strong aluminum frames with non-insulated laminated impact glass. This window technology was invented in the 1950s and is still chosen for new-construction, high-rise buildings, and when lower pricing is the primary consideration in a retrofit application.

Aluminum framed windows won’t stop the heat from entering your home, which will cause your air conditioning to run constantly, resulting in higher electric bills. Unfortunately, aluminum windows don’t meet Florida’s Energy Code for efficiency, which may cause a challenge when applying for a building permit. Although aluminum windows typically cost less to purchase, they will definitely cost more to own since your air conditioning will likely work overtime. Another financial factor to consider is the warranty coverage for product defects is minimal. Average pricing for the installation of custom-made aluminum framed windows ranges from $800-$1200 per window depending on size, style and options.

Vinyl (PVC) Impact Windows

Most vinyl-framed windows provide outstanding heat protection for your home’s interior comfort thanks to an insulated glass package that incorporates Low-E 366 reflective coatings and a low-conductive argon gas chamber. This energy efficient technology was introduced in the early 2000s after the new Florida Energy Code become a requirement. Vinyl windows will save money on your energy bill, keep your rooms more comfortable, and will extend the life of your A/C.

However, since vinyl frames aren’t structurally strong, they must be reinforced with aluminum pieces in order to pass Florida’s stringent Impact Window Code. While vinyl windows can achieve impact ratings associated with “entry-level” CAT 5 storms, like Hurricane Michael (159mph), tests prove that these types of windows can’t withstand the devastating impact of a mega-storm like Dorian with 185mph winds. Installed average pricing for custom-made aluminum-reinforced framed windows range from $1,300 – $2,000 per window depending on size, frame color, and style.

Hybrid Impact Windows

This revolutionary advanced window technology combines the “best of both worlds” by incorporating the energy-efficient durable-finish of vinyl windows with the sturdy structure of bolted together frames found in aluminum windows. Our patented hybrid Dominator EXTREME windows boast a superior Design Pressure (DP) rating of 100+/110-, typically found only in aluminum-framed windows. Our hybrid windows also have the highest energy efficiency rating from the US Department of Energy. Additionally, this advanced window technology eliminates water and air leaks as well as reduces outside noise to enhance your quality of living.

And because every homeowner has their own unique style, all of our windows are highly customizable and available in a plethora of styles to achieve the right aesthetic for you and your family. Installed average pricing for custom-made, hybrid-framed windows range from $1,500 – $2,300 per window depending on size, style and options.

Wood Impact Windows

Our custom-made wood impact windows are at the top-end price point of the market due to combining the elegant beauty of real hard wood frames, like mahogany, with the energy efficient impact glass packages found in our hybrid and vinyl framed windows. These luxury-level impact windows boast a beauty similar to what is found in high-end furniture or solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Our wood-framed impact windows have Design Pressure (DP) ratings of 70+, are certified as CAT 5 protection, and include high-efficiency energy ratings. However, wood frames do require some maintenance. Considering the average price range from $3,000 – $5,000 per window, this level of consumer is not overly considered with the ongoing added expense. Pricing for Custom-made Wood Impact windows will set you back another 50% – 100% more than the best rated “hybrid” impact windows described above.

Get Started Today!

To learn more about our windows or to set up a free consultation, contact Max Guard Hurricane Windows today. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout the Delray Beach, FL, area.

Homeowners Are Thrilled With Our Award-Winning Solutions
They did a great job consulting and working with us on the design of our new hurricane door; and their installation team was quick, clean and courteous.
Sabrina Meyers
They did an excellent job and went the extra mile to ensure that the results were perfect.
Thomas Willis
Greg the salesman was honest and provided us with a ton of insight. The team was hard working and friendly and did an awesome job.
Michael Adams
Very impressed! Windows are so beautiful, couldn't be more satisfied. They do a great job communicating with their customers, highly recommend!
Dianne D
Flexible Financing Solutions

At Max Guard, we make getting hurricane impact windows and doors on the market as affordable as possible. We offer flexible financing options and are proud to be an approved PACE lender, enabling us to provide low-cost, long-term funding for our energy-efficient products.

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