Installing impact windows offers a number of incentives to homeowners. Along with added safety and UV protection, homeowners with hurricane windows are now being offered tax breaks. Tax breaks are provided by the government to influence people to engage in certain types of behaviors. While there are different criteria to qualify for this tax break, it’s a great way for people to engage in becoming energy efficient, while also protecting themselves and their families.

How It Works

There are two different upgrades classified by the IRS:

  • Qualified energy efficiency improvements
  • Residential energy property costs

For qualified energy efficient improvements, homeowners may invest in home improvements such as insulation, exterior doors, or certain roofing types. The residential energy property costs include heat pumps, AC systems, natural gas heaters, and other types of furnaces.

Whether you replaced one or all of your windows with energy efficient hurricane windows, you may be qualified for a tax credit. As long as these improvements are qualified by the Energy Star guidelines, you may be eligible for as low as 10% of tax credits. For energy efficient hurricane windows, the tax credit is 10% of the cost, where windows are credited as high as $200.

How to Apply

When submitting your taxes for 2018, file IRS Tax Form 5695 to claim your residential tax credit. You will be required to provide information for what type of installment you have in your home that makes you eligible for the tax credit, along with some other related questions. Be sure to keep a copy of your certified statement!

Install Energy Efficient Windows, Get Money Back!

Make sure that you’re ready for the upcoming hurricane season and install impact-resistant windows in your home. Between feeling safer and the tax benefits… what are you waiting for? Let Max Guard Hurricanes secure home the way no one else can. Contact us here or call us at (561) 926-9727 to get a free quote today on hurricane windows.