Many folks know that hurricane impact-resistant windows offer excellent protection for their homes. But not many are aware of the cost savings that can add up over time. In addition, simply having impact-resistant windows can protect your home that saves your additional expenses over time as well. In this blog, we’ll cover how these savings work and how impact resistant windows can add value to your home.

Insurance Benefits

One of the best reasons to get impact-resistant windows is the unbeatable protection for your home and family’s safety during hurricane season. In addition to that, in most cases, you can receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance for installing impact-resistant windows. This can translate into savings of several hundred dollars per month or up to $10,000 over the years. You can find out more about how impact-resistant windows can help you save on insurance by contacting the friendly and knowledgeable Max Guard Windows team.

A Well-Protected Home

Of course, the best reason in addition to savings is a well-protected home. Impact resistant windows provide protection during hurricane season, and they help protect your home against intruders, harmful UV rays, and even loud noises outside your home. You can consider a well-protected home an investment. For instance, during hurricane season, homes with impact-resistant windows will typically have much less damage than those that use plywood to protect their windows. Ultimately, installing impact-resistant windows will help prevent costly repairs from hurricane season or powerful storms – cost savings that can truly add up over time!

Be Ready For the Next Storm With Max Guard

Here in Florida, the next storm is not a matter of if but when. Max Guard Hurricane offers a complete line of hurricane impact windows and impact resistant doors to protect your home year-round. Our professionals are here to help you when you’re looking to install powerful hurricane protection. To learn more and receive a free quote, contact us today and call at (561) 926-9727.